The art of lighting

Qaledo Dimming LED Lighting

The art of lighting

Aurora Dimming Filament

    Qaledo Dimming Technology

    Our Qaledo filaments “dim-to-warm” bulbs are inspired by the first rays of the sunlight. Our technology mimics every single light moment from sunrise to sunset in a magical way. By simply dimming the lamp, it is possible to change its color from a natural white (4000K) to a warmer white (2000K), hence creating multiple light atmospheres.  The lamp also forms a halo that reflects on the glass and creates a peaceful feeling!

    Classic collection

    Never out of fashion, the classic bulb collection inspired by the original Edison lamp is the perfect blend of design and functionality.


    Magna Collection

    The bulbs in the Magna collection are unique because of their very large size and offer a real visual spectacle.

    Edel Collection

    Find a wide variety of shapes in amber style. A great design for an industrial and modern look.

    Vintage Collection

    Dress up something old as something new.

    Platina Collection

    Explore new horizons with the platinum outlook. True piece or art.

    Opal Collection

    Magnificent new old style.

    Flexible filaments are the latest in the LED glass bulb technology, providing a much more uniform light and fitting better with the shape of the glass for a class design.


    LED filament lamps are decorative bulbs whose beauty lies in their simplicity.
    Most of our lamps are available with dim to warm technology. This allows you to adjust the brightness according to your preference and create a personal warm atmosphere.