About us

Qaledo-Design is a global brand owned by the manufacturer TEA-Energy N.V., a multinational operating worldwide and headquartered in Belgium.

The brand designs, develops and manufactures all the Qaledo-Design range to provide high quality products and innovative LED lighting solutions.

Every single customer is unique and must be considered in its own right. It is why Qaledo-Design gives a great importance to scrupulously respect each need and expectation. Working in collaboration with design experts, the brand is able to manage specific requests and to develop customized products.

Our vision

“A light bulb, what’s more common?”

From a simple question, an idea took root and expanded to a much wider level.

The idea was to revive the light bulb in itself, by keeping its soul but adding a touch of modernity, elegance and uniqueness.

“From raw materials, we craft pure light”

 The essence of our work is to craft the most energy efficient light bulbs by using LED filaments and dim-to-warm technology, which will create a warm and cozy atmosphere wherever it is placed.

Our values

We attach great importance to the slection of high-quality materials that are crafted in its raw state.

We aim at providing innovative products using the most advanced technology: the flexible filaments and the dim to warm.

A rigorous monitoring and a particular attention is constantly being paid to the manufacturing process.

Our inspiration

Every single element that surrounds us is a driver of creativity and innovation.

We design our light bulbs thinking about the warm and lovely atmosphere that could be created.