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      The essence of our work is simple. We aim at crafting the most energy efficient light bulbs by using LED filaments and dim-to-warm technology, which will create a warm and cozy atmosphere wherever it is placed.

      We work every day in close collaboration with our experts to develop an ever more innovative technology while always keeping in mind the aesthetics of the finished product.

      We are crafting our lamps

      We only use very high quality crystal glass. The beauty of our products is that we work with the material in its raw state. Like a diamond that we cut to make it shine, we design our light bulbs with the same attention.

      During the production process, the glass stay protected to avoid getting scratched. Every single lamps are unique as all our bulbs are handcrafted
      A rigorous monitoring and a particular attention is constantly being paid to the manufacturing process.

      We guarantee quality at every stage

      Particular attention is being paid to every details all along the product design process. Each single glass is washed both inside and outside. One by one the glassballs are selected and carefully inpected by our technicians before being used, to ensure that no scratches, airballes, stripes etc are present.

      Each lamp is carefully tested for hours in harsh conditions to ensure that what you get is reliable and you can enjoy the beautiful light it gives you for a long time. Mounting filaments is an art in itself to provide the best lighting effect.

      we are driven by the pursuit of excellence

      A rigorous monitoring and a particular attention is constantly being paid to the manufacturing process.
      The highest delicacy is for us essential to create bulbs diffusing an intense light, unique and warm.
      Every single element that surrounds us is a driver of creativity and innovation.
      We design our light bulbs thinking about the warm and lovely atmosphere that could be created.
      We attach great importance to the selection of high-quality materials crafted from their raw state.
      It is why every single gesture is executed with the greatest finesse.